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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Roosevelt Institute: Economy: Mike Konczal: How Would a Socialist Wall Street Work?: Why State Ownership Doesn't Work

Mike Konczal: How Would a Socialist Wall Street Work?

I feel the need to start this blog through imagination again as I did last night. But imagine an economy an economic system where the people wouldn't have to get educated, work hard, be productive. And spend and save well because the Federal Government every year would give you a check automatically. Or do it every week providing you with the money that they think you need in order to be able to pay your. Bills, well if you think we already have too many lazy nonproductive people in this country. Nationalize the economy because as the saying goes, you aint seen nothing yet. The way good economies are good and productive, is because they are productive because they have well managed companies. And governments and private non profits with a productive workforce, where the message is you need to be. Educated, work hard and be productive in life or you are not going to be successful. But if you have government running everything and collecting all the resources from the economy to distribute them in. What they see as an equable way, you eliminate all of the incentive to be productive and successful in life because the Federal Government is going to write you a check to pay your bills anyway.

If you want a more equable economic system in this country where wealth of the top of the ladder. Isn't so much greater then the bottom of the ladder. Then you need an economic system that encourages production and success over dependency and an education system that produces a better trained. Workforce and where government tells the people that yes we are a compassionate country and we are not going to force. Anyone to starve or be homeless or go without clothing or go without healthcare and be able to meet their basic needs. But that there isn't much money to be made in not being able take care of yourself. That we all as a country have to do everything that you can to make it on our own in life. And when you slip and fall, we'll help you back up so you can stand on your own feet but you are not going to make it rich. Or even make a middle class salary by collecting public assistance that you have to be able to do for yourself what you can.

As I said before its not that we have too many successful and wealthy people in this country. But that we don't have enough and imagine if we did have an education system that produced fifty percent. More well educated workers in this country, we could cut the poverty rate in half. Raise the standards of living across the board and even cut the debt and deficit. But you don't do that by encouraging people not to be successful in life but by doing the opposite.