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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

AlterNet: Hard Times USA: Don Hazen: Would You Consider Thinking Differently About Poverty in America

Hard Times, USA: Would You Consider Thinking Differently About Poverty and Poor and Homeless People? | Alternet

Looks like the AlterNet a Progressive-Socialist magazine is going to start a series in the next few weeks about poverty in America. Including homelessness in America which is where I believe it should start because someone can't be any more poor then not having a place to live. Or living in shelters and this gives me the idea that maybe I should start a series like this for this blog. Because poverty in America is something I definitely blog about and think about a lot and even have a section dedicated to it.

I love America and I'm sure I always will and there's definitely no other country in the World I rather live. And do consider America to be the greatest country in the World and do believe in a thing called. America except that there's something great about America that separates us from the rest of the World. And why so many countries in the World have moved away from Authoritarianism to some type of. Democracy including now even in Arabia where the popular notion there use to be was that Democracy was still a long ways away. And that if anything Arabs favor military Authoritarianism or Theocracy over freedom. But we are certainly not perfect and don't do everything well as a country or we wouldn't have roughly fifty million Americans living in poverty in the richest country in the World. And this doesn't mean our government is not big enough or we are under taxed at least the overwhelming majority of the country. Or we aren't Socialist enough but that we haven't developed an economic system even in our 237th year of. Existence that empowers enough Americans to be successful life to not have to worry about losing their homes or living in poverty or going homeless.

Its not that we aren't Socialist enough but that we aren't Liberal enough in the classical sense. Where as many Americans as possible and again we'll never have a perfect economic system. But we don't have that system that can move millions of people out of poverty every year and liberates them off of. Public assistance and gives the same freedom to live their own lives that the rest of the country lives. I agree that we don't spend enough money on public assistance in America but the bigger problem is how we. Spend that money that except for Welfare Insurance and Unemployment Insurance to a certain extent. That we don't for the most part have a public assistance system that actually moves people out of poverty. That instead our policy has been, house the homeless, feed the hungry, clothe the clotheles. Instead of how we can help these people so they can take care of these things for themselves. But thats not all, why do we have so many people who have to live off of public assistance in the first place. Which is another problem.

Other reasons why we have so many people living in poverty in America. One of them having to do with our economic system and the other gets to individual responsibility. But the first problem has to do with our public education system, so if we fixed that we could solve two problems. By correctly reforming one system. We don't produce enough high skilled workers in this country and we have young adults who simply make bad decisions as adolescents. Falling into the wrong crowd, drinking too soon, making bad decisions as a result, getting into the criminal justice system. Which makes it real hard for them to get a good education and job after that. Having kids too soon and walking out on their kids, especially young fathers after they've already given their babies life.

These are some of the issues that needs to be addressed to have a complete and adequate report on poverty in America. So the country is not only aware of what the problems are but also what we should do about them to finally solve these problems. And if I don't see a report like this in this upcoming series, I'll write it myself.