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Friday, March 8, 2013

Think Progress: Healthcare Reform: "Top Republicans Demand President Obama Provide Coverage To People With Pre-Existing Conditions": How to Expand Obamacare

Top Republicans Demand Obama Provide Coverage To People With Pre-Existing Conditions: pRepublicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act more than three dozen times, ran on a pledge to eliminate the law on “day one,” and sought to underfund the measure at every opportunity. But since the Supreme Court upheld the ACA and President Obama won re-election the political dynamics of reform have changed: Republican governors [...]/p

This might be the only time agree with the House Republican Leadership on anything in 2013. But assuming this report is true, coming from Think Progress, not sure thats a safe bet but I agree lets expand. So called Obamacare that I prefer to call the Affordable Care Act or ACA for you acronym junkies who probably are in or around Washington with the alphabet soup. But lets do this in a way that it should've been done in 2009-10 and if that debate was done right it could've been done in 2009. Giving Democrats then the whole year to concentrate on only one thing that being the economy and coming up with. Economic Recovery Act II which would've been better then the first one. And lets do this in a way that takes power directly from Washington and corporate America and gives it to the people. And states to decide how they get their healthcare in America, instead of a Washington knows best solution that. Progressives want, another words single payer with Medicare being the only health insurer in America. Or a Wall Street knows best from economic Libertarians where health insurers would decide who gets health insurance and. Healthcare in America and literally let the people decide for themselves instead.

Two Progressives in Congress, Representative Jim McDermott and Senator Bernie Sanders have a bill in Congress. Thats a single payer bill but would allow each state to set up their own Medicare system. Except for the single payer part, that should've been the public option in the ACA. The most popular health insurer in the country now available to all Americans and not just seniors who tend not to be very. Healthy and a drive of our healthcare costs in this country and now Americans would be able to decide who aren't seniors yet. But working adults if they should get on Medicare or not and pay into it, especially younger healthier people. And with the health insurance tax credit in the ACA, lower middle class people would have that same option as well. You like your current health insurer, you can keep it but if you are looking for another option, checkout Medicare in your state because that could be the. Option for you and provide you with affordable health insurance.

Thats what should've happened in 2009 but what Congressional Democrats did instead first in the Senate. And then later in the House was draft a bill that created a new Federal health insurance program. That no one understood or could come up with the name of the program and didn't do their homework in it as far as who people would react to it. Especially in their own caucus's and healthcare reform never took off as a popular issue in that Congress. Which is why at the end of the day President Obama settled for what he did to get the issue finally of the table and not spend about a year on it and not having a bill. To show for it.