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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Political Correctness Gone Mad: Where Political Correctness Violates Reason and Free Speech

I don't want to sound partisan here and try not to throw out any insults. Even though I blog in a no Political Correctness Zone. One of my jobs is to write what I feel and know and then to back that up as best as I can. With the best available facts that I have but the Political Correctness Movement is a creation, of Progressives. To use against the Right Wing that they see as bigots and they are still using Political Correctness to. Go after Rush Limbaugh back in March when he called a female college student, who was testifying on Capitol Hill. A "slut" and they tried to use that to get Rush Limbaugh off the air. What happened to Free Speech there and Progressives also made a big deal. In the Westboro case in March, 2011 where the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Group's. Right to Free Speech and included Hate Speech as part of that protection. The Right Wing is of course not innocent here and use Political Correctness. To go after after Leftists, people like Keith Olbermann, when they say things that are controversial.

America has reached a certain consensus on Political Correctness, that we shouldn't say things. Like racial or ethnic slurs but at the same time we shouldn't be put people in jail for them either. Or have the Federal Government force us out of work, like lest say a Talk Show Host. The Far Left and Far Right still don't have a problem with racial slurs or jokes. But most of the country tends to see those things as wrong. And that we shouldn't do them but we shouldn't also lose our freedom over them either. This would Political Correctness within reason, when someone says something ignorant. You call them out on it and say thats wrong and so fourth but you don't try to destroy them. And take their First Amendment rights away from them. You call them out and what they said for what it is. And then you move on with your life. Political Correctness is a problem when its use to replace the truth. Not all truth is good and easy to here but if its the truth, it deserves to be heard. Even if its insulting.

If someone says something that you find insulting or you don't like hearing. But its the truth, what's called a two strike count, to use a baseball analogy. Don't get on that person for saying the truth, especially if they are friends or relatives. In that case they are probably trying to help you. Take it as Constructive Criticism and use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. And if they aren't a friend or an enemy, shove your improved self in their face. But lets not get on people for saying the truth or try to destroy people. For expressing their First Amendment rights, lets just treat things and people for who they are. And we'll learn a lot more.

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