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Friday, May 31, 2013

NFL Films: NFL 1968-Super Bowl 3-Baltimore Colts vs. New York Jets: Highlights

Source:NFL Films- Broadway Joe Namath, saying goodbye to Miami, after leading the New York Jets to victory in Super Bowl 3.
Source:The Daily Journal

"Two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks faced off on the grandest stage of all as the Baltimore Colts and Johnny Unitas took on the New York Jets and "Broadway" Joe Namath, who guaranteed victory for his team."

From NFL Films

With all due respect to the 1968 New York Jets, Super Bowl 3 is a much different game had Colts QB John Unitas who was still the best QB in pro football at this point, been healthy and at full strength against the Jets and not dealing with a sore throwing arm. Because the Colts with Earl Morral who was a solid, but journeyman NFL QB, drove the ball up and down the field against the Jets defense in the first half. But the Colts had to settle for a short field goal attempt that they missed. And Morall missed Colts WR Jimmy Orr in the end zone and under the ball that was picked off by a Jets DB. A healthy Unitas hits Orr in the end zone.

The Colts should’ve had 10-14 points if not more in the first and you are looking a much different game going into the second half. With the Colts having a 10 or 14-7 lead knowing they can move the ball up and down the field against the Jets. And knowing their great defense can shut down the Jets.

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Roger said...

Unitas was the greatest. He could throw an accurate 40 yd. bomb while running backwards.